Wednesday, July 16, 2014

It's What I've Been Working on Wednesday - lightweight quilt

I had a few hours of unscheduled time on Saturday, and looked around my house to see what I could get done, got overwhelmed, and started a sewing project instead ;). I did end up getting a lot of housework done eventually, but first I played with my wool :).
My comforters are too warm for the summer, but a sheet just isn't enough, so I decided to make a lightweight merino quilt for the bed. I need 90 8 1/2" squares to make it the size I want, and I cut 44 of them today, so i'm off to a good start. Hopefully I can finish it before it gets cold again, so I can use it this year!

One of the sweaters had perfect cuffs for cozies for my son's water bottle. It is felted, and was the perfect size, so I didn't have to sew a thing, just cut them off and slip them on!

This quilt will be a work in progress for a while, so i'll keep you all updated!

What have you been working on?

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

It's Tutorial Tuesday! Make a super cute n easy sheep pillow!
What could be more fitting than making a sheep out of wool? I found this adorable and easy sheep pillow tutorial, Molly's Sketchbook: Little Lamb Pillows, and made one for my bed.

I cheated on mine, and was too lazy to cut the scallops, so I just cut the general shape of the pattern without them. Though it's not as cute without the scallops, I still like how it turned out, especially with the cabled pattern of the sweater.


I didn't have any stuffing on hand, so I just used the scraps from the sweater I had left over after cutting the body of the sheep. Since I am always looking for my remote controls, I added a couple of pockets to back for them :).

Thanks, Molly, for the super cute tutorial!

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

It's What I've Been Working On Wednesday!

I made these a few weeks ago, but haven't had the time to sit down and blog about them until now.

It's been a long time since i've made diaper covers for my own, so when I was invited to a family member's baby shower, and found out she was going to be cloth diapering, I ran to the sewing machine!

I used Katrina's free soaker pattern for the body of them, but created my own rises (waistbands). I like the fold over style rise, so it can be an extra tall rise for night use, plus they last longer, since babies tend to grow longer before they grow wider. For the longies (pants), I just used the sweaters' sleeves, and for the shorties I used the sweater's cuffs. The longies will last through a few sizes, because of the foldable cuffs and fold over rise.

I can't wait to see these on the baby! :)

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

It's Tutorial Tuesday! Wool drink cozies!

What is more perfect for summer than wool? Ok, we may not be throwing on sweaters, or pulling wool blankets over ourselves right now, but there are still great summer uses for wool. I use wool cozies on all of our uninsulated glasses and water bottles, and they work great! Wool is naturally insulated, so it keeps your drink colder longer, and as an added bonus, not only soaks up that condensation on the outside, but wicks it away, leaving your hands dry. Make them in different colors/patterns and everyone will know who's glass belongs to who too!

 I love making these, because they don't use a lot of material (you can make so many out of a single sweater!), they are cool looking, you can customize them, and they are super easy and fast to make!

 Ready for the tutorial? Start out with any felted wool. Measure from top to bottom how long you want it to be on your glass (I love drinking out of mason jars), then measure around the glass, and take off about 1/2" if it's stretchy, or leave it the measurement around if it is not too stretchy. You want it to fit snuggly, so it doesn't fall off. Now you cut it to that measurement. I like to make the top of the cozy the hem or cuff of the sweater, so it has a nice finished edge.


Now you need your bottom piece. Just cut a circle about 1/2" wider than the bottom of your glass. If you have a hard time cutting perfect circles, just print out a template from the web, like this one.

Now sew your cozy seam, wrong side out. I like to stretch it a little as I sew, so the seam won't break if I have to stretch the cozy over a glass tightly.

Now sew your bottom piece on, again, wrong sides out.


Now flip it right side out, slip it on your glass, add your favorite summer beverage, and enjoy!

Monday, June 16, 2014

Summer Sale!

Wool is not just for winter! Just this week I made diaper covers for a baby shower, and cozies for my mason jars (keeps your hands dry, and your drinks cold!), and it's always great to have your supplies on hand for when you need them!

This week only take $5 off any mystery lot or blanket, and take $10 off when you buy any 10 individually listed sweaters with the inventory number of 1900 or lower. Contact me if you would like a custom mystery lot and i'll see if I can provide it! Since I can't set up my sale to automatically take off the discounts, please either contact me with the sweaters you want and i'll send you an invoice, or you can check them out through Artfire, and I will refund you the difference. The sale ends at 9pm CST on Friday June 20, 2014.

I hope you are all having a wonderful summer!

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

It's Sweater Monday, on Tuesday!

I apologize for the lateness in posting. I was very sick for a week, then had some important things to take care of, but all is well now.

Since I have been so busy, and Resweater has been very slow, I have decided not to do Sweater Monday posts for the rest of the summer, and will resume them in August. I am sorry for any inconvenience this causes, but the posts are just too time consuming for me at this time. I will be adding new sweaters to my shop, whenever time allows, so there will still be a new selection.

Ready for this week's sweaters?...

pic. 1 - a couple of striped, blue/green 80% lambswool/20% nylon, green/cream cabled 40% wool/30% rayon/20% angora/10% cashmere...

pic. 2 - some patterned (big brown/plum 70% lambswool/20% angora/10% nylon [$8] [sold], chartreuse floral 70% lambswool/20% angora/10% nylon [sold], purple/green felted merino [sold]) ...

pic. 3 -some argyles (green/blues lambswool [sold], blues wool [thin and soft, like merino] [sold], lightly felted black/gray merino [sold])...

pic. 4 - some cashmere (dark olive [sold], tan [sold], black [sold], aqua [sold], gray [sold], raspberry cardigan [sold], blue/gray/cream argyle cardigan [$10] [sold], plum/brown/cream [$10] [sold], brown/plum paisley [$10] [sold])...

 pic. 5 - some blends (cranberry heathered 90% wool/10% nylon, gray 80% merino/20% nylon, black 70% lambswool/20% angora/10% nylon [sold], tan wide ribbed 85% merino/15% cashmere, slate blue cardigan 70% wool/30% polyester, brown "life is good" 80% lambswool/20% nylon [sold], really big orange cardigan 70% lambswool/30% cotton [$8], navy ribbed 80% lambswool/20% nylon, chunky knit cream 70% lambswool/20% angora/10% nylon)...

pic. 5 - some merinos (thicker than average brown cardigan, gray/tan, thicker than average green ribbed, felted cranberry [sold], dark pink, big dark maroon, lightly felted dark gray, lightly felted green, lightly felted black)...

 What is Sweater Monday? It is when I show the sweaters that are being added to my inventory. This is an opportunity for anyone to "call dibs" on sweaters they see here that they want to buy. This also saves me the time of listing them all individually in my shop, so it's a win-win. To "call dibs" or ask any questions, please email me ( If you call dibs, please understand that you are committing to purchase them. Asking questions does not obligate you to buy them, but does not hold the sweaters for you. Pricing for individual sweaters is generally as follows: wool & wool blend sweaters $6 each, cashmere $8 (patterned, striped, & big mens cashmere $10). All exceptions will be noted. You are welcome to combine orders from Sweater Monday sweaters with sweaters in my shop. Since I seem to get the same questions about Sweater Monday, I will be posting this paragraph on the bottom of each Sweater Monday post. To see previous Sweater Monday posts, please visit Sweaters of Yore.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

It's Tutorial Tuesday! Make a toothbrush cozie! [Update: April Fool's!!!]

Are you tired of waking up to a cold toothbrush handle, or just want to do something special for your overnight guests? Decorative wool toothbrush cozies are the way to go! Check out this easy tutorial, so you can make one yourself in just 17 easy steps!

Ok, c'mon people... did you really think i'm that nuts?

Happy Aprils Fools Day!!!!